Whilst every care is taken to ensure the safety of dogs undergoing treatment, all dogs receive hydrotherapy entirely at their own risk.

1. All treatment courses must be paid for in advance, including those, which are part of an insurance claim.
2. Individual sessions must be paid for at the time of treatment.
3. No animal will be treated without the prior authorisation of their Veterinary Surgeon.
4. A current vaccination record needs to be shown prior to commencing of any treatment. We do accept homeopathic vaccination.
5.Please notify Pet Health & Therapy centre if at any point during treatment there is a change in your pet’s condition, or if your Veterinary Surgeon recommends any alterations to their programme.
6.Session fees will be charged in full if an appointment is broken or cancelled without 24hrs prior notice.
7.Pet Health & Therapy centre reserve the right to refuse treatment to any animal where considered inappropriate. Inform us if your bitch is in season or if your pet is suffering from any of the following or similar conditions:
8. All block bookings paid in advance are only valid for 12months.
9. All insurance claim forms will incur a £5.00 administration fee.

Infectious disease i.e. skin irritations, ear or respiratory infections
Vomiting or diarrhoea
Faecal incontinence
Heart problems, respiratory problems, epilepsy or diabetes

Please do not feed your pet for at least 2 hours prior to your appointment time, ensure your pet has had the opportunity to pass urine and faeces prior to swimming A surcharge of £20 will be made for dogs that defecate in the pool as subsequent sessions would have to be cancelled.
All dogs must be kept on the lead and under control whilst on the premises and surrounding areas. Please be responsible and clean up after your pet. Poop scoop bags are available.
Pet health & Therapy centre cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal property whilst on the premises.