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Support Rx harness

Starting at: £28.99

Prior to the SupportRx Total Body Harness System, veterinary hospitals used towels and belly slings to help disabled pets maneuver. Now the majority of hospitals use and recommend the SupportRx Total Body Harness System to provide support to these pets. Constructed with 600 denier nylon with a fleece lining for maximum comfort, the SupportRx Total Body Harness System is providing the control veterinarians have longed for and the support and comfort that your pets deserve.

S – Chest size 16-20”, under 15 lbs
M – Chest size 17-21”, 15-25 lbs
L – Chest size 21-26”, 25-45 lbs
XL – Chest size 26-34”, 45-65 lbs
XXL – Chest size 31-41”, 65-85 lbs
XXXL – Chest size 35-47”, 85-110 lbs


Thera-Paw Carpo-FlexX Wrap

Starting at: £59.99

Thera-Paw Carpo-FlexX Wrap provides moderate stability to the forelimb (carpus/ wrist). The Carpo-FlexX Wrap is a moderate weight neoprene with elastic outer straps and nylon support straps that can be fastened anywhere on the wrap to give your pet additional support. For general mild to moderately severe conditions in dogs 9kgs up to 55kg, these wraps work well.


Neoprene cuff
Elastic Straps
Nylon support strips


Stabilizes the wrist
Supports the wrist following removal of a splint or cast
Protection against reinjury
Reduces carpal deviations or hyperextension

Support Scale:
4-7 on scale of 1-10
1 is light support and 10 is complete immobilisation

Medium Carpo FlexX Wrap: 14.4cm W x 16cm H (53/4″ x 61/4″)
Fits medium dogs with up to 14.4cm (53/4″) wrist circumference
eg: Boxer, Geyhound, Collie, Dalmation, Doberman, Husky, Pointers, Retrievers, Setters, Weimaraner

Large Carpo FlexX Wrap: 19.6cm W x 20.5cm H (73/4″ x 8″)
Fits large dogs with up to 19.6cm (73/4″) wrist circumference
eg: German Shepherd, Great Pyrenees, Rottweiler, Great Swiss Mountain Dog, Rhodesian Ridgeback