Merishia Massage is a deep tissue massage that includes gentle and effective mobilization techniques. Deep tissue massage includes gentle and effective mobilizations , applied soft tissue work and manual therapy. We us a variety of gentle techniques to facilitate both superficial and deep release of tension. We enhance the effects of our massage techniques by applying specific gentle mobilization techniques to further improve performance and flexibility.

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Working with each individual animal’s body language to guide me with the applied therapy techniques will maximize the treatment benefits at a comfortable level for the animal.
Aids performance, can help with recovery or rehabilitation, may help to ease stiffness and tight joints, can ease compensations and tension in older dogs. It can release tension and aids relaxation, stimulates circulation, can help with desensitization and can bring awareness to areas of the body. Merishia Massage can aid flexibility and range of movement, can enhance and maintain general well-being.



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Françoise Deavin RVN is our Merishia Massage Practitioner who has over 35 years experience within the companion animal industry, starting her career as a Veterinary Nurse then continuing her passion within the rehabilitation industry. Building the Pet Health and Therapy centre over the last 13 years offering Small Animal  Hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, 3B Laser and now Merishia massage treatments.

Prices start @ £45.00-£60.00

Home visits can be arranged in special circumstances.