Francoise Deavin

Advanced Diploma in Hydrotherapy for small animals. Registered Veterinary Nurse

I helped rehabilitate a stray lurcher puppy with a complicated fracture/Dislocationof the foreleg following on from a Road accident.

To avoid amputation I decided to start intensive Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy. After 6months the dog made a full recovery. This case inspired me to pursue a career in animal rehabilitation.


Samantha Matthews

Level 3 abc awards in Hydrotherapy for Small animals

Hi my name is Sam and these are my boys! I have a background of Accounts and used to work in the City.  I joined Pet Health & Therapy helping with the Accounts and assisting Francoise with the hydrotherapy sessions. Falling in love with the job satisfaction it gave her I decided to train as a Level 3 Hydrotherapist and work alongside Francoise. I thoroughly love my job and the satisfaction I get seeing dogs recover and gain strength after injuries/diagnonsis. I just wish I’d done it 10 years earlier!


Helen Dacre

Level 3 abc awards in Hydrotherapy for small animals

Hi, I’m Helen and this is my 11 year old Rottweiler, Amber. When she was diagnosed with arthritis 3 years ago I was told that her then ability and quality of life was the best that we could hope for. Determined to improve her prognosis, my research led me to the Pet Health & Therapy Centre and I pushed for a referral. Not only did Francoise and her team change Amber’s life but mine too. I have been so inspired by her rehab and hydrotherapy journey, I quit my city job to retrain as a Hydrotherapist. When Francoise then gave me an opportunity to join the team I couldn’t have been happier and jumped at the chance. I love my new life, helping dogs just like Amber every day.

Amy profile 2

Amy Edwards

Level 3 abc awards in small animal hydrotherapy

Hello, my name is Amy. I have a lovely Jack Russel named Lizzie and I have always wanted to work with animals!
After completing my animal management diploma at college, I started working at a kennels. Here I learnt a lot of hands on experience and increased my love for dogs of all shapes and sizes.
Determined to continue my career with dogs I came across Hydrotherapy. My boyfriends family dog needed rehab after a complicated knee operation and we were all so amazed at her recovery. It helped her so much and I couldn’t wait to get on a course and learn the skills to help other dogs recover from surgery too.
Now I love being a part of this wonderful team and helping dogs everyday.