Barry Daniels and Francoise Deavin have set up the first pet health and Hydrotherapy therapy centre offering a complete range of professional and quality services in one place.

Francoise Deavin is an Advanced Hydrotherapist, qualified Veterinary Nurse with over 20 years experience working with a variety of different animals. In September 2001 Francoise Deavin qualified as an animal behaviourist holding a COAPE diploma.

Services Offered – Advanced Hydrotherapy techniques (swimming),soft tissue work, movement & shaping enhancement ,Underwater Treadmill, Hot Spa, Nutritional advice, general preventative healthcare.  Dog  grooming, styling, nail clipping. Skin conditions/ Medicated baths also available.

Therapeutic Massage, K-Laser & 3B Laser also available at Pet Health and Therapy Centre.

Physiotherapy clinics